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Local businessman, father, community advocate, and political leader, Frank Hawkins is assembling a team of entrepreneurs (business partners) who wish to secure their financial freedom by investing in themselves. They will become independent marketing representatives for some of todayís leading cellular and prepaid cellular, telecommunication/business elite services, satellite TV, high speed internet, merchant processing services, ID guard, text alertz services, and security systems. 


As energy continues to be deregulated across the United Stated the resale of gas and power are occurring in defined States. This alone is a $500,000 million dollar opportunity.


Carlos Slim, one of the richest men in the world, made a large part of his financial fortune in his telecommunication business.  Warren Buffett and Sir Richard Branson both billionaires, have owned network marketing companies.


Telecommunication, energy and technology are our future.


I look forward to you joining my TEAM, elevating up the financial ladder and achieving all of your goals and dreams. Team work makes the dream work.


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