We are in business to earn money, period. This is the key to our capitalist system. You can’t help anyone until you can help yourself.


To be a success in business, you must do one important thing, Be Consistent.


Team Frank teaches team members to discover customers within their network that want to save money and business partners who want to make money. You will learn how to get paid on both.


By effective networking you are offered the opportunity to present your business to people every day. The day you sign on with TEAM FRANK your goal is to be open to the opportunity to earn 20 no’s per day, ever day. If you are consistent with this practice and put it into action every day, you will make a lot of money in this business and upgrade your life style quickly.


Can you see yourself doing this?




In order to be successful in any venture, you must have a desire to learn and master the rules of the game. I have been selected to identify winners to join our team.


At “Team Frank” daily training sessions are held at the training center located at 2008 Hamilton Lane in Las Vegas Nevada. We are available Monday through Thursday beginning at 6pm.


Team members are offered the opportunity to come together, learn and glean from people who have proven to be successful in business. Conference calls, computer training, webinars, and team building are all available at Team Frank daily.


Team Frank teaches success through structure and consistency. Our training never ends, it is a lifetime work. Within our structure business partners learn to:


- Create a positive attitude


- Take action now


- Identify your financial objectives and goals


- What is your current state of reality, and what do you want to earn in 5 years, 10 years, and 20 years from now?


- Acknowledge Team Frank as your money mentor and success coach. It’s not how much money you make but how much money you keep.


- Stop with the excuses; procrastination is the kiss of death.


- Let go of your past failures!! It is a NEW day.


- Commit to 3 years of action with “Team frank” allow us to assist you with growing your business.


- Become a joy to be around with a passion to help others.


- Face your fears daily. Change is the only constant in life.


- Dream bigger, you are only limited by your own mindset.


- Inspect what you Expect daily


- You don’t need to be good to start; you need to be available to learn how to be good to finish.


- Life is what we make it, Live Your Dream!




Frank is drafting business minded individuals to his team, in an effort to structure an organization that duplicates his own successful business model. In an ideal setting, this venture represents an opportunity to build significant streams of revenue for all of those involved, but all teams are only as strong as its weakest link.  Therefore, Hawkins, a proven leader, will administer the role of each of his team members in an effort to provide the best return on their investment.




Members of the team will be offered an opportunity to earn TRUE residual income. Members will get paid every time someone turns on their gas stove, the lights in their home or business, pay a cellular phone bill and or their cable bill. Money is earned even when you are not working.


The direct marketing model has low overhead and doesn’t require specialized knowledge or training. The business can be operated on a flexible part-time basis until it generates enough cash flow which allows you to work it full-time.  We won’t let you fail, you will win or you will quit. There are no other options. You are provided all the tools, support, and training necessary to earn money immediately and remain successful and effective consistently. Which will change your life, your finances and offer an opportunity to leave an inheritance that will alter the life of your family?


The key to business success in this industry is to build a team of people who represent the same passion, drive, and work ethics.  Once you build this team you will have an asset that will generate passive income for you today and in your future.




The compensation plan pays you revenue in every way possible. The plan pays you in bounty bonuses, customer acquisition bonuses, monthly residual commissions, bonuses pools, rank accomplishment incentives, generational profits, and open line bonuses. Every one of these payment levels has their unique compensation requirement.  The compensation plan is designed to make you profits within 30 days and yes you can make plenty of money. Once you understand all the ways to get paid, you will agree it is a superior compensation system.